ASCI believes that understanding each individual is critical to increasing performance and growth. We create learning environments, coaching and research that help individuals and teams perform at their best under pressure. We adapt learning content to individual behavioral style and provide a compelling practice environment through a combination of live and technology driven interval reinforcement.

Team Dynamics

ASCI creates learning environments that promote working together as a team. Self-awareness of interpersonal communication styles is key to understanding your role in a team.

We believe that self-awareness of interpersonal behavioral styles is vital to understanding ones role in a team.  From a foundation of behavioral awareness a team can build Trust, Commitment, Accountability, Results, and Accepting & Resolving Conflict. Effective teams lead by dynamic leaders is one of the prime resources in today’s organizations. Regardless of the function and objectives interpersonal dynamics is the critical factor for building a successful team.

Whatever the challenge, a leader must understand how s/he perceives and affects their team and circumstances around them; self-awareness is the cornerstone to success.

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