ASCI believes that understanding each individual is critical to increasing performance and growth. We create learning environments, coaching and research that help individuals and teams perform at their best under pressure. We adapt learning content to individual behavioral style and provide a compelling practice environment through a combination of live and technology driven interval reinforcement.

Individual Performance

The foundation of the organization, its greatest competitive advantage and its most precious resource are individuals. It is a sentiment that almost everyone agrees with but fails to leverage. The foundation of Individual Performance is behavioral preferences, especially when success depends on performance under pressure in critical situations.

Self-awareness of behavioral styles under pressure enables us to predict performance and develop strategies to modify those responses.

ASCI utilizes a proven psychometric inventory (TAIS) to help reveal individual behavioral preferences in critical performance situations. We believe this foundation of awareness allows individuals, teams and organizations to adapt to leadership and learning opportunities.

Behavioral preferences are the root cause for the symptoms of performance. We consider how individuals pay attention, get distracted, their social interactions, interpersonal communication style, decision making style and control needs.

ASCI applies the concept of Individual Performance as a foundation for all of our engagements.

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