ASCI believes that understanding each individual is critical to increasing performance and growth. We create learning environments, coaching and research that help individuals and teams perform at their best under pressure. We adapt learning content to individual behavioral style and provide a compelling practice environment through a combination of live and technology driven interval reinforcement.

Coaching One-2-One™

ASCI provides Executive and Sales Coaching services designed to help individuals address the needs they feel are most critical to their success. The process is adapted to each client's objectives.

Our Coaching Values:

Be Specific and Contextual

  • Tie behavioral examples to specific instances or feedback.
  • Consider the vantage point, it can clarify the purpose or motivation for actions or behaviors
  • Any coaching feedback should tie back to the plan and strategy

Be Balanced

  • Discover strengths & weaknesses and look at alternatives
  • Consider solutions that are based on behavior, skills & competencies, attributes, politics, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution

Be Respectful

  • Consider the perspective, the challenges and choices made
  • Critical to understand the other person
  • The coach’s job is help the coachee be better, reinforce positively


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