ASCI believes that understanding each individual is critical to increasing performance and growth. We create learning environments, coaching and research that help individuals and teams perform at their best under pressure. We adapt learning content to individual behavioral style and provide a compelling practice environment through a combination of live and technology driven interval reinforcement.

Engagement Process


Behavioral Based Learning Event: Each program begins with an in-depth analysis of each individual using an industry proven psychometric inventory. TAIS (The Attentional & Interpersonal Style inventory) reveals the interaction and performance under pressure style of each participant. It also exposes how we pay attention and how we become distracted, how we communicate and how we socialize. These attributes are critical to understand by both the facilitator and participant in order to adapt the content to each individual's style. ASCI studies our client’s current learning and development material in order to understand where to adapt the content for individual behavioral styles. This discovery enables the facilitator and eventually the participant to adjust content to suit their style. Each Coach, Role Player or Facilitator throughout the process is TAIS certified in order to provide this assistance with adapting content, performance and real life situations.

ASCI has vast experience with a variety of Leadership Development Programs, Sales Training, Strategy Creation & Execution initiatives, and Team Alignment approaches. We also have unique modularized training modules in each of these areas when our client requires customized content.

Team Building Reinforcement: Once the foundation of individual awareness has been established, the event base learning continues with an understanding of how the team works together. We explore the interactions of individuals and the team leader(s) in order to understand and reveal the Team Dynamic. Again the content is adapted to leverage the uniqueness of the team. ASCI will poll each team member in order to understand the challenges and opportunities they face in their day-to-day interactions. This way we can uncover the fundamental underpinnings of the team’s alignments or misalignments so the group dynamic is enhanced.

Every team is a social network that creates a “requiring environment” for change and progress. This reinforcement builds a stronger team. ASCI believes that for teams to learn and grow together they need to have fun. We employ several gamification solutions designed by The Go Game to reinforce learning and measure gaps in knowledge. The Go Game is a live mobile gaming platform that can be deployed for events and conferences or over longer-term retention programs.

Live Practice & Interval Reinforcement: After acquiring skills it is critical to practice them. The corporate ecosystem is one of the few professional environments that do not support regular practice. Following any Learning Event, ASCI assigns a coach/roleplayer for each participant to assist them in honing their new skills. Our coaches become “strategic clients” or “target stakeholders” in remote roleplays that reinforce the event learning and give them real time feedback in practice sessions. A series of roleplays with increasing complexity provides emotional reality and intensity. Each coach/roleplayer is TAIS certified and provides feedback on both content and the behavioral aspects of the client’s overall performance.

The key to measuring ROI for training programs is observing behavioral change amongst the participants and measuring the financial impact of those changes. ASCI roleplayers are trained to observe behavioral changes and can apply their expertise to live situations in order to increase revenue.

ASCI will also measure and help close gaps in knowledge using an internet-based gamification platform. We discover knowledge gaps through quick “zap tests” as participants continue through their live practice program. A real time knowledge audit for each participant is created and fed back to the management team as an ROI measurement and to the Coach/Roleplayer to focus on the appropriate content to fill in knowledge gaps. A coaching plan is created for each participant along with their TAIS Development Report that can be handed off to an internal coaching program.

Steps in the process can be separated to deliver modularized solutions. The value of the solution is significant if delivered as an intact solution.


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