Team Building

ASCI has partnered with The GO Game to deliver learning experiences that combine the real world and the internet. Competencies from ASCI Programs are woven into a high tech adventure format. Teams or single players are armed with a web based device that delivers challenges within a real world ‘game zone’. The players will interact with professional facilitators and actors to complete missions and compete with their peers.

Games can be held simultaneously in several cities over the course of a half day. Missions are customized to emphasize specific learning objectives of both the ASCI Programs and your organization.

go canada logo smClassic Go Game – The game that put us on the map. A riotous, technology fueled adventure game starring you and your co-workers. It’s part Amazing Race, part Canadian Idol, part 24 and 100% unforgettable. Teams are given a slew of wireless gadgets and set loose on a game zone to complete a wide variety of missions that capitalize on everyone’s skills. Missions can be customized to include the learning objectives or corporate culture messages. New Inter-team challenges and actor based missions have been created. Creative missions are judged as a group at the end of the game and a winner is crowned: Its great entertainment. Click here to see how to play (video)

  • Location – City Center, Convention Center, Resort
  • Group Size – 10 to 3500
  • Duration – 3 to 5 hours (judging can be a separate event)

movie_clapperboard1The Movie Game - After watching thousands of teams create amazing short videos in The Go Game, we realized that players are a lot more creative than they think. In this game, your group is given the dream assignment — make an award-winning short film. We provide just enough structure to keep the creative process moving at breakneck pace and the results will blow you away.


  • Location – anywhere
  • Group Size – 10 to 100
  • Duration – 2 to 3 hours

spy logoThe Spy Game- The Spy Game follows an action-packed storyline in which someone (or something) from your company has been kidnapped! And, yes, we’re betting on you and your fearless co-workers to save the day once again. Video clues are created before hand and delivered throughout the game on our BlackBerry Curves. These clues tell the story of a kidnapping (or data heist) and contain riddles that the teams will unravel to solve the final mission and rescue. Throughout the game, each team will gather around the phone and watch these customized video dispatches. Ultimately, all the teams collaborate on one heroic, final task to rescue your intrepid leader.The result is high action drama, and we promise, all will end well!

  • Location – City Centre, Convention Centre, Resort
  • Group Size – 25 to 120
  • Duration – 3 to 5 hours

The Challenge

To assist a corporate events team succeed in having their Sales Conference participants learn the content presented as well as have fun. A global sales team of 250 people from a high tech company came together for a 2.5-day sales conference in The Muskokas, Canada. In past conferences participants were presented with numerous seminar tracks related to their position, geography and client base. The focus of the seminars was product features, functions, applications, and marketing programs. Feedback left organizers unhappy with the amount of learning during the conference. Participants also complained about the jammed packed schedule without much time for fun or socializing. Conference budgets had been cut over the last several years.


The Client

ASCI was appointed by the VP of Events to help with their annual sales conference. An aggressive group of 250 high tech sales people attend an annual sales conference to receive updates on products and marketing programs. The sales people tend to sell in high stress environments to other high tech companies and are considered the key to the organization’s success.

Objectives Read the rest of this entry »

The Challenge

Three individuals from various leadership positions (Branch Manager, District VP, Commercial Branch Area Manager) within the Personal and Commercial division of a large Financial Institution required assistance to overcome challenges in inter-personal and communication style. All three individuals have been recognized as potential leaders in the organization and are in line for promotion if these issues can be resolved. The Bank’s traditional coaching process had yielded minimal results.

The Client

ASCI was appointed by the VP of Human Resources and Talent Management of the Personal and Commercial division of a large Financial Institution. Behavioral analysis (TAIS) of each individual revealed a consistent leadership profile that emphasized Analytical/Conceptual as the dominant attentional style combined with a very high need for Control, higher than average Expression of Criticism & Anger and a very high Response Style Influence.


Each Coachee had unique manifestations of the behaviors that were creating issues with their teams and clients. Although the situations and symptoms were different, the objective of the sessions was consistent.

  1. Have the coachees accept that the challenges they are facing are a result of their behavioral preferences.
  2. Explore the behavioral issues highlighted by TAIS and tie them to situations and challenges.
  3. Develop awareness to recognize adverse behaviors and employ mechanisms to modify the behavior.


Each coaching engagement started with a face-to-face meeting, where possible, so that the coach and coachee felt comfortable with each other. The relationship is built on trust and mutual respect. The session content included:  Read the rest of this entry »

by Lauren Davey

Organizations often look outside for top talent as a way to “raise the bar” or avert a talent crisis.  There is much being written today about talent shortages among organizations – it is real and prevalent.  Yet, what if we could help our organizations fight the war for talent by taking a more active role in our development?   Could that role reduce the talent shortage by creating opportunity for others and our selves already on the payroll?  After all, the workplace is filled with skilled employees who have accrued countless years of valuable experience.  First, however, a commitment to change is required to meet the new and growing demands of organizations for their leaders today.

Over the years we change our hairstyle, our clothes, the cars we drive, our home furnishings.  We spend time researching and evaluating items such as the latest Smartphone to determine whether we should upgrade our current hardware for the latest version– yet when it comes to an upgrade of our leadership capability, we tend not to invest much thought and even fewer resources. Though leadership may not evolve as quickly as Smartphone technology, the principle remains the same.  Upgrades eventually make previous versions of the same thing obsolete.  Read the rest of this entry »


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