We believe that today’s leaders require new tools and insights in order to be successful. With the responsibility for success squarely on the shoulders of leadership, adapting style to fit situations and coaching opportunities is a challenge for even the most experienced. Leadership energy is an organization’s most important and scarce resource. A leader’s time and attention must to be directed toward facilitating change toward the successful creation and implementation of strategy.

Whatever the challenge, a leader must understand how s/he perceive and affect their team and circumstances around them; self awareness is the cornerstone to success.

ASCI delivers insight and real change in the form of workshops, team building events and lectures. We add value working with our clients by focusing on three primary factors.

The “thin red line” running throughout all of our programs is the world’s leading psychometric assessment that is used to measure and develop business, military and sports leaders in over 40 countries.  Because self awareness is the most important aspect for any leader, a valid and highly reliable instrument is crucial to success. TAIS is an on-line 144 item self-report questionnaire that measures twenty different concentration and interpersonal attributes. Those specific attentional skills and personality style characteristics can be thought of as the building blocks upon which more complex human behaviors depend – which in turn, affect leadership and performance style.

ASCI uses its innovative and proprietary set of modules that address the challenges faced by organizations today. Our modules include Strategy (both creation and execution), Sales Retention and Growth, Team Dynamics, Selection and Development, Creativity, Innovation, Business Improvisation, Succession Planning, Culture Change, Behavioral Finance, and Situational Leadership. Each module chosen is adapted to the client’s marketplace and particular challenges.

Our domain expertise includes Financial Services, Supply Chain, High Tech, Semiconductors, Insurance, Consumer Packaged Goods and Telecommunications. For specific customers see our website. We work with every level of the organization; Sales and Marketing, Leadership Teams, project teams and Learning & Development.

Once the team dynamics and the challenges are understood ASCI can create unique learning environments to facilitate the program.  We utilize pervasive gaming in the city streets (The Go Game), boardrooms, comedy clubs, Focus Attention Zaps (30 min WebEx discussions), story telling, one on one coaching and facilitation professionals with over 20 years of experience. The group will explore their objectives and team dynamics using a blended learning style of lecture, break-out sessions, multi-media and exercises designed to address the learning styles of the participants. We have several e-learning partnerships that allow us to reach large numbers of participants using avatars or awareness videos. ASCI also has in-house writers that can convert the most mundane content into something exciting or create scripts from initial concept. We can also provide Improvisation based interactive entertainment.

Program can be presented in 3 phases through a highly customized ½, 1, or 2 day experience with ongoing coaching to assist in the implementation of new leadership skills.  All workshops are facilitated by certified TAIS facilitators.

Our discovery process with each client allows us to mix and match our modules to target the specific challenges.  Each module’s content is organized into discrete “facilitation components” that allow us to take any of our intellectual property and seamlessly integrate it with content from other modules or sources. This unique and innovative approach leads to an effective, efficient and highly satisfying learning environment for your teams. We are based in Toronto, Canada and service clients in the USA, UK, Asia and Europe.

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